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Outdoor Bootcamps Designed Specifically for results!

  • Get Access To Your Own Personal Coach
  • Train Up To 7 Sessions a Week
  • Get Access to over 100+ Meal Plans
  • Become Part of a our Family

Want to ask us a question or find out more info on the services we offer? Pop your details in the form below and we will get back to as soon as possible!

Whats Included in our bootcamps?

7 Session a Week

We put on 7 sessions a week so you can fit in exercise around your busy schedule!

Your Own Coach

Receive your own personal coach to guide you through exercise and nutrition!


Get access to over 100+ meal plans and ongoing advice to support your training

Members Portal

Get access to our online portal, filled with videos, tips and home workouts!

Join The Team

Join others on the same journey as you, helping, supporting and laughing along the way!


Have someone making sure you are heading in the right direction!

Results Focused

Our first aim is to get results. To lose weight, to tone up and to get fitter and stronger and happier! 

Our second aim is to make exercise enjoyable! We don’t do monotonous exercises, or running around a field. Because let’s face it, if you don’t enjoy working out, you will soon stop!

Have you still got questions?

Is it suitable for me?

Our sessions are suitable for nearly everyone. Whether you have a long term injury, or zero levels of fitness, your coach will tailor exercises to your ability 

Is there and age limit?

Our youngest member is 18 and our eldest is 65. Both work together and both get amazing results! As long as you are over 16 you can join our team!

Do I have to attend every session?

We recommend at least 3 a week to get the results we want and to make it worthwhile for you! Although most people attend more than 3 a week the choice is entirely yours!

Do you train in all weather?

Pretty much! We will only cancel a session if there is serious weather condition. A little bit of rain is surprisingly refreshing during exercise!

Can i pick and choose the sessions i attend?

Absolutely! You don’t have to book, cancel or let us know. Just turn up to the sessions you can make! Our Bootcamp is designed to fit around a busy schedule!

is it a mixed class?

Yes we have a great mix of ages, abilities and genders. The sessions are designed so you can pair with someone completely different and still get a great workout! 

Why do you call before enrolling?

We want to make sure we are a perfect fit for you and that we can actually help you. If we can’t, we won’t take your money! We look for people who we can truly help!

When can i start?

Our programme is evergreen, meaning you can enrol whenever you like! We have had some members for 2 years and some for 2 weeks!

What people say?

Sheer brilliance ,fun ,laughter,energy calorie burning
Mark Dickinson
JTPT Member
So I’ve just finished my 50th session of 2019! I’m so pleased I found JTPT, fellow members were so welcoming & continue to be so supportive. This is what I needed to get me up, out & about in the winter months. Looking forward to upping my game attending more sessions and progressing up those weights, whilst getting fitter overall, improving cardio & the laughter’s good too!
Jane Tickell
JTPT Member
Really friendly classes weds/fri morning great group of lovely ladies & a fantastic coach! Certainly makes exercising fun! Totally worth it! It’s a shame for me that work gets in the way! highly recommended! Thank you Josh! X
Alex Barker
JTPT Member
A brilliant way of burning the calories and ENJOYING it at the same time! No more dragging yourself to the gym and loathing it, instead, get outdoors and join supportive, like-minded people to exercise with. Josh makes each session fun and interesting which makes me want to come back each time!
Louise Stoddart
JTPT Member
I’ve been training with Josh for 10 weeks now and I’m loving it! Every session is different, they are well thought out and lots of fun! I’m feeling slimmer and stronger. Training outside come rain or shine with a lovely group of people is fab for my mental as well as physical health and Josh is really helping me work hard to reach my goals. I wish I’d joined sooner!
Michelle Leonard
JTPT Member
Josh makes exercise fun, it's well planned so no two sessions are the same. Very enjoyable and sociable. Good way of meeting new people & getting fit.
Bridget Knight
JTPT Member

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