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  • So I’ve just finished my 50th session of 2019! I’m so pleased I found JTPT, fellow members were so welcoming & continue to be so supportive. This is what I... read more

    Jane Tickell Avatar
    Jane Tickell

    Just finished my first bootcamp and loved it! Everyone is so welcoming and friendly so I wouldn’t worry if you haven’t got anyone to go with! I dragged my boyfriend... read more

    Ali Mackenzie Avatar
    Ali Mackenzie

    Really friendly classes weds/fri morning great group of lovely ladies & a fantastic coach! Certainly makes exercising fun! Totally worth it! It’s a shame for me that work... read more

    Alex Barker Avatar
    Alex Barker
  • I have been training with Josh now for 7 months and I still love it! His sessions are well thought out and challenge you on a number of levels. You... read more

    Joanne Groom Avatar
    Joanne Groom

    I’ve been training with Josh for 10 weeks now and I’m loving it! Every session is different, they are well thought out and lots of fun! I’m feeling slimmer and... read more

    Michelle Leonard Avatar
    Michelle Leonard

    Josh was recommended to me by a couple of friends as I was looking for a Personal Trainer, and I'm glad they did. He has well planned and thought out... read more

    Michelle Higby Avatar
    Michelle Higby
  • Great class, really friendly, good to do different things each week.
    Would recommend.

    Michele 'Wesley' Dwight Avatar
    Michele 'Wesley' Dwight

    Very good training, we use for motocross fitness training and conditioning and strength training. Well thought out plans and brilliant execution.

    Emma Thompson Avatar
    Emma Thompson

    Great workout! Really motivates you to build your fitness. Some good exercise routines, I was tired but very satisfied at the end of the session.

    Would recommend to a friend.

    Matthew Manger Avatar
    Matthew Manger
What’s Included?

The Outdoor Bootcamps In More Detail

The affordable alternative to personal training, our outdoor bootcamps combine personalised coaching with exercise programmes that are actually enjoyable!

Unlimited Training!

Choose when you train and how much! Up to 7 sessions available each week! (You only need to train x3 a week) No booking or cancelling, just turn up!

Personal Coaching

Get access to a qualified coach at every session! There to help you get results, exercise safely and support you all the way!

Full Nutritional Support

Get access to over 100 meal plans, recipes, tips and tricks to help support your eating!

Online Portal

Your exclusive portal for everything fitness and health! From quizzes to help with stress and sleep, everything you need to get towards your goals!


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A sneak peak…

Our Mission

We know what it’s like to want to lose weight but not knowing how or where to start. Gym memberships are great but nobody talks to you, it’s lonely and nobody cares what you do. And if you want any help, it’s likely going to cost you about £40 an hour. So we set out to change all of this…
So, we created the Outdoor Bootcamps! A place for like minded people to train together, with their very own dedicated coach to help them! Where no two sessions are ever the same and everyone laughs along together. And seeing real results are synonymous with enjoying exercise, meeting new people and becoming part of something meaningful!

Become Part of a Team

Gain a whole new family on similar journeys to you. Laugh, de-stress and escape from the troubles of life!

Your Own Coach

Get support from a qualified coach for a fraction of the cost of PT. They’ll support you, motivate you and keep you accountable!

Never Look Back

Start today and watch our Bootcamp vecome the highlight of your day. Become the best version of you possibe and never look back!
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JTPT Outdoor Bootcamps
Transforming Bodies & Minds

Our aim is to support you to reach your goals. Whether that be weight loss, toning up, feeling more energetic or just feeling happier and healthier!
JTPT Outdoor Bootcamps
JTPT Outdoor Bootcamps
JTPT Outdoor Bootcamps
JTPT Outdoor Bootcamps

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