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Making the first Step is always the Hardest

It's not all About the Weight

It’s always nice to see the scales going downwards. But sometimes, it’s how we look and more importantly, how we feel that makes a difference. 

Noticing a change in body shape is pretty common at our bootcamps! Gain more self confidence and feel fitter, stronger and full of energy!

Go out and tackle the world!

Make a change for Life..

Consistent Change

We aren’t in the business of quick fixes. have you ever tried to lose weight very quickly, but find you out it all back on and sometimes more?

We make sure you lose weight, and keep it off!

By making consistent, actionable programmes that you can stick to forever, you can be sure that yo-yoing dieting is a thing of the past!

So whats your next step?

Ready to make a change?

Click the button below, fill in your application form and we will get back to. We’ll schedule a call so we can talk you through the best way to get you to your goals!

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Sheer brilliance ,fun ,laughter,energy calorie burning
Mark Dickinson
JTPT Member
So I’ve just finished my 50th session of 2019! I’m so pleased I found JTPT, fellow members were so welcoming & continue to be so supportive. This is what I needed to get me up, out & about in the winter months. Looking forward to upping my game attending more sessions and progressing up those weights, whilst getting fitter overall, improving cardio & the laughter’s good too!
Jane Tickell
JTPT Member
Really friendly classes weds/fri morning great group of lovely ladies & a fantastic coach! Certainly makes exercising fun! Totally worth it! It’s a shame for me that work gets in the way! highly recommended! Thank you Josh! X
Alex Barker
JTPT Member
A brilliant way of burning the calories and ENJOYING it at the same time! No more dragging yourself to the gym and loathing it, instead, get outdoors and join supportive, like-minded people to exercise with. Josh makes each session fun and interesting which makes me want to come back each time!
Louise Stoddart
JTPT Member
I’ve been training with Josh for 10 weeks now and I’m loving it! Every session is different, they are well thought out and lots of fun! I’m feeling slimmer and stronger. Training outside come rain or shine with a lovely group of people is fab for my mental as well as physical health and Josh is really helping me work hard to reach my goals. I wish I’d joined sooner!
Michelle Leonard
JTPT Member
Josh makes exercise fun, it's well planned so no two sessions are the same. Very enjoyable and sociable. Good way of meeting new people & getting fit.
Bridget Knight
JTPT Member

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