Our Story

How JTPT Bootcamps were created...

Why one class a week doesn't work!

pay as you go doesn't work...

When we first started, we were offering one or two exercise classes a week! It was pay as you go, which meant we’d have a different group of people each week. 

We couldn’t get any commitment!

We weren’t sure who would turn up, how long they would stay for us and what they were looking to achieve? 

It was frustrating. We couldn’t help our clients as much as we wanted as we only saw them once a week if that!

Consistency and Commitment

Results are key..

We completely up hauled our system. 

We created a programme, specifically designed to target fat loss. We wanted an exercise course that would get our clients the fastest results without wasting time doing things that wouldn’t help them get there.

We created a fully structured Bootcamp and we only let people who were serious about losing weight join. 

If you could only make 1 session a week, we wouldn’t take your money, as we knew we couldn’t help you! 

We Had created something

A new age Bootcamp...

A Bootcamp not only with full support DURING the sessions, but full support and accountability for everything outside of the sessions.

You were never left alone. Weekly check ins to make sure you’re on track, access to your own coach for support and motivation, and an online portal. 

We gave our clients full access to nutrition plans, home workout videos and any resource we think would help get them to their goals quicker! 

The results were insane…

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