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Fitter. Stronger. Healthier. Happier.

If you are fed up of looking for a solution to your weight loss goals then look no further! JTPT Bootcamps are designed specifically for weight loss, fitness and health. Our first aim? To get you the results you deserve! Our second aim? To make it enjoyable whilst you do it! If you hate gyms, training alone, feeling lost and have no motivation, we could be PERFECT for you! If you are sociable, friendly and love exercising in the fresh air then scroll down and discover more!

What’s Included?

The Outdoor Bootcamps In More Detail

The affordable alternative to personal training, our outdoor bootcamps combine personalised coaching with exercise programmes that are actually enjoyable!

Unlimited Access

Choose when you train and how much! Up to 14 sessions available each week across 2 locations! (You only need to train x3 a week) No booking or cancelling, just turn up!

Personal Coaching

Get access to a qualified coach at every session! There to help you get results, exercise safely and support you all the way!

Full Nutritional Support

Get access to over 100 meal plans, recipes, tips and tricks to help support your eating!

Online Portal

Your exclusive portal for everything fitness and health! From quizzes to help with stress and sleep, everything you need to get towards your goals!

…”Every session is different, they are well thought out and lots of fun! I’m feeling slimmer and stronger. Training outside come rain or shine with a lovely group of people is fab for my mental as well as physical health and Josh is really helping me work hard to reach my goals. I wish I’d joined sooner!

— Michelle Leonard, Bootcamp Member

JTPT Bootcamps
The Whole Package

It’s more than just a bootcamp

We don’t just offer fun and challenging outdoor training, on top of this we give you everything you need to get closer to your goals. Everyone knows that it’s not just about what you do with your exercise. Which is why the Bootcamp Programme includes so much more!

Every member gets access to their own members portal with over 100 meal plans, nutritional advice and help, lifestyle advice on stress and sleep, the Whatsapp Support Group and regular check ins with your coach! You’re never left alone, we make sure you are always on track to see results!


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