More than just a Bootcamp..

Last November we revolutionised our group training programmes. After finding that our team members weren't getting the results as quickly or efficiently as we wanted, we decided to change things. Seeking a programme that would replace the need for gym memberships, extra fitness classes and even personal training, we wanted to take full responsibility and accountability for our clients' results. 

And then the Transformation Programme was born.  

A full week of training slots, seven in total, that would allow just the right amount of exercise to see the progress we desired. 7 sessions a week, with a qualified coach, that were all specifically designed for weight loss. We made these sessions 100% accessible to all of our members - you don't pay a penny extra for additional sessions! If you want to train 7 times a week with us, you can! We currently have 2 time slots which allows us to cater for several different demographics, all with busy lifestyles.

We knew however, that this wasn't enough. Our members needed more support than simply 3 hours a week contact time with a coach. Nutrition, as we all know, is a large part of seeing success and so we created a whole new support system. A Members Access Only group and a Whatsapp Support group allowed us to constantly be in touch with people. Allowing us to share exclusive content, information and guidance, a place for solving problems and challenges, and also a communal place for support and nurturing, we could now support our members fully.  

With weekly check-ins with the coach, we could monitor progress closely. We wanted our members to see immediate results and so checking in every week enabled us to keep track. If there were any challenges, we could tackle them straight away. Our biggest worry was finding out at the end of the programme that no / little progress had been made, and by that time it was too late. By checking in every week, we can ensure that all of our members were on track for awesome results. 

Why do you have to Apply first?

This is simple. We are in the business of transforming people's lives, not taking people's money. If we don't think we can help you, for whatever reason, we won't take a penny and not only that, we will try and recommend someone else who we think might be able to help you instead. We understand that this is a big investment, both for your time and money and so we need to make sure that it is suitable and worthwhile for you. If we think we can help you, we will explain what the programme entails in more detail and then it is up to you to decide whether you want to commit with us!

How is it going today?

The programme has been a huge success! We now have over 35 team members signed on with us and we have seen some life-changing results. Our sessions are nearly full up completely and we are now looking at opening up a third time slot, to make it 10 available sessions per week! Whilst achieving the mission of getting members great results and changing lives, we inadvertently created one of the most supportive, motivating and social communities of people we have ever trained with. From Christmas parties to team Charity events, you become part of a family. This undoubtedly adds to the success of the programme and why we get great numbers every session, even in the snow! (Actually happened once!) 

So, if you're sitting there reading this and thinking, "this is totally up my street" simply follow the button below and see if we can help you today!

Click here to Apply for our 8 Week Transformation Programme!